Poem: “On His Promises I Stand”

“On His Promises I Stand”
by ‘Tosin Oloye-Oyewole.

He Promised me,
He, my provider promised me,
He said I will reap plenty of harvest.
He said, even where others have toiled,
He said I will also reap abundant harvest.
I have great hope in His Promises.

He promised me,
He said I will not lack any good thing.
I will not build for others to inhabit.
I will eat the good labour of my hand.
I will not sow for others to reap.
I rely greatly on His Promises.

He Promised me.
He said he would bless me indeed,
To actually confound my critics.
He promised to set before me a table,                                                                               In the presence of all my enemies.
I really believe all His Promises.

My Father you promised me.
And I believe you, hence I am blessed.
My Father, I stand on your words firmly,
For there shall be a performance
Of those things which were promised me.                                                                         Father, I sincerely trust your divine promises!

‘Tosin Oloye-Oyewole.






After an almost endless period of deafening-silence;

The News! The News! Breaking News!

“What news?”

What a sad News! But gladly received.

Old men nodded their grey heads

With the wisdom of fore knowledge,

While the youths jumped and shouted loudest

In jubilation and celebration; “Freedom at last”

The women, too stunned to shout

Went on their knees in awe-inspiring fear;

“Oh God!” they mutter in overwhelming fear.

                And none mourned.


After an interlude of a full moon, a period of high expectation;

The News! The News! Breaking News!

“What News again?” An unexpected one, a very sad one,

Flowing tears received this one.

Old men in great agony, hopelessly shook their grey heads.

The youths full of rage, in anger yelled too loud.

In fury, the cities burnt; “Freedom is lost!” 

The women too grieved to cry,

Slumped into their seats, soaked in tears.

Who can discern and know the unknown?

“Oh God! in spite of all our expectations?”

          And all wept and mourned.

I celebrate His Love!

His love for me is so very strong.
He loves me, not deserving His love.
He’s covenanted nd committed to me,
My Shepherd, King, Prince and Love.
How I’m loved by my LORD!

I celebrate His Love!

With all I have, I shall love you LORD.
Oh, for the grace to love you more.
How He showers His Love on me,
Is indeed an overwhelming love.
How I love you my LORD in return!

I Celebrate your Love!

Stagger Not

Be strong in the faith of Him,
Who calls those things
Which be not as though they exist.
To the dead He gives lives.

Like the old Patriarch, Abraham who,
Against hope, believed in hope.
He held firmly without shaking.
He staggered not at His promise.

Be not weak in faith
Consider not your hopeless case
Do not doubt his Word again.
Be very strong in your faith.

Give Him glory and praise
Even without any evidence to show.
Still hold on in unwavering faith
Stagger not, on Him firmly hold.

Poem: The River of His Living Water

There is a spiritual weariness
That dwells in a man s heart,
That only God can address.
There is a deep longing in man,
That only GOD’s presence can attend.

There is also a spiritual dryness,
That only GOD can water.
There is also in a man’s heart,
The unusual vacuum and emptiness,
That only GOD can fill with His Word.

He speaks to the turmoil
In the depth of a man’s soul through
His Spirit and so brings to his soul, peace.
He satisfies the deepest longings
Of a man’s soul in His mercies.

Trust, that the LORD GOD will
Attend swiftly to troubled spirits.
And will flush out things
That pollute and trouble our minds,
With The River of His Living-Water.