By ‘Tosin Oloye-Oyewole.

Looking around me, oh LORD,
I see so much left undone.
I see unfulfilled dreams all along.
I feel I have done so much wrong.
For I see I’v left so much undone.
I’v left so much undone.

My LORD, have I failed you?
I honestly want to please you.
I feel all drained out, wanting you.
I desperately want to please you.
My LORD, I desperately need you.
Help me as I long for you.

He heard my cry, and called me,
I went to him, he smiled and hugged me.
“Daughter, don’t be sad about these,
I Love you, just trust and obey me,
Look straight at me and give to me,
A smile through your tears.”

This is all I need to hear from Him.
I’m energised and inspired by Him.
I’m forging on, empowered by Him.
His Grace kept me on, trusting Him,
And obeying Him and thanking Him.
All’s finally accomplished for me by Him.
Even in tears; a Big Smile for Him!


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