#Truth Or Dare

A 7 letter word.

Remember the table, the first corner window bench,

the girl spinned the bottle round, the driver came running on,

Random questionnaire, love song in the air,

“BEAUTIFUL’ the word came out,

I died a beat, smiled alone, throwed a stone, carried along,

Truth or dare, my eyes look there, the rocking chair movement and the giggles did fade away,

The people laughed aloud, the jokes did fight with us,

your smile’s like a radio song, I couldn’t sing along,

Questioning me offering a feed, lips all sealed up,

time runs on me, I didn’t see you and me,

the time did run on me, how could I see.

I did change I ran up from the stage, I still look behind,

and no it’s not the same,  these pictures are the same,

but feelings disappeared, 3 years a go I played truth or dare,

Now I can tell the girl…

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